Terms of service. AKA please don’t sue me.

Written for a human (you) by a human (me).

Showuply.com is a website owned by Pat On Purpose LLC (POP).

This is an agreement between you and POP. By using this website you agree to the terms on this page. Don’t agree to these terms? Bye. Have questions? Email me at pat@showuply.com.

Site is offered as-is, with no guarantees of working how you’d expect it to work or how it’s described to work. I try my best. Despite that, there will be bugs. There will be downtime. There could be bugs that negatively impact you.

You may not sue me. You take full responsibility for using this site. To the extent allowable by law you agree that as long as I’m operating in good faith (which is always, cuz I’m a nice guy) you will not to sue me.

But if you do sue me you’ll do so in Boulder County, Colorado. In the event that “you may not sue me” clause doesn’t hold up, any disputes between you and POP shall take place in Boulder County, Colorado.

Getting fired. You must check-in a minimum of five days per week (Monday - Sunday), excepting vacation days. A “check-in” is when you come to the site, click the “check in” button and follow the steps. It takes ~5 minutes each day. You start with 0 vacation days and accrue one additional vacation day each 14 calendar days. If you check-in fewer than five days in a given week than the difference will be drawn against your vacation day balance. If you need to use a vacation day but you don’t have any remaining then you are fired, meaning that you get kicked out of the community with no refund and are not eligible to rejoin the community (by making another payment) until one year from your original purchase date.

Privacy. Your full name, picture, and all of your check-ins (video recording and text) are viewable by, at a minimum, other members. If you choose for your profile to be in “public mode” then they’ll also be visible by the entire world. I will do my best to make sure that public and private modes have no bugs, but sometimes there are bugs in my code so it’s possible that your data is temporarily viewable by the public. More information about how your data is used can be found on the privacy policy page.

Refund policy. There refund policy is no refunds for any reason. If you have some crazy extenuating circumstance feel free to reach out and request a refund. I’ll be humane about it. But don’t get your hopes up.

This agreement may be partially upheld. If a court finds that part of this agreement is unenforceable, that that part will be stricken and the rest will remain intact. Fancy lawyer people call this severability.