Show up every day and watch your business grow.

We are a community of slightly crazy creatives. Badass ones who show up and create. Join us! Show up consistently and face your fears. Or don’t show up… and get kicked out.

(btw, if you create things then you’re a creative. I’m talking to you, programmers. Screw what your inner critic tells you.)

Reliable accountability.

Discipline is easy for some people. The rest of us have to hack it. Commit to showing up five days per week (with some vacation days) for one year. Just like at a regular job. Fail and get kicked out of the community with no refund. Not challenging enough? Hah. There are remedies for that. Contact me if you want to know the kind of tomfoolery I have tucked up my sleeve for people like you.


Clarity clarity clarity!!! Your mandatory daily check-in (aka showing up) is like a five minute journal for your business. It’s five minutes per day of evaluating your past intentions and clarifying your future ones. Of setting goals and figuring out the steps you need to take next to reach those goals. If you’ve ever meditated or journaled you know the power of this. So do it every day, because there’s not a more productive way to spend five minutes.

A trusted, badass community.

Have you ever been a part of a private Facebook or Slack group? Well imagine that... but with members who show up every day. Members who do things instead of just talking about one day doing things. This is where you give and receive tough love, make connections, grow ideas, tell us about what you’re making, and change your world.

Daily feedback.

The cool thing about a community that’s invested? Every single one of your daily check-ins will receive feedback. Guaranteed. Some days you might need help. Other days you might just need a virtual high five. You’ll get both.


Showing up is the glue that holds your brain together. It makes you feel stable, confident, and calm. So what? So... sometimes you want to be creative. Other times you need to pay the bills. When you show up, you know you'll be there to do both. All of you. Confidently.

Become the creative that you want to be.
(one that creates and SHARES those creations)

I’m a fraidy cat. So are you. And it’s time we all talked openly about it.

When getting initial feedback for Showuply I quickly noticed a pattern. Almost everybody loved the idea. And almost everybody said some form of “I don’t need this because I’m not lazy.”


I grant that you’re not lazy. Great.

Showuply isn’t FOR lazy people. It’s for people like me (read: every creative in history) who work our asses off but occasionally decide that we’re not good enough.

Perfectionism. Depression. Imposter’s syndrome. Indecisiveness. Lack of clarity. Shyness. It doesn’t really matter WHY you hide. It matters THAT you hide.

I built Showuply for myself. Because I needed it. Don’t believe me? Here’s a conversation I with a Showuply member about Showuply.

Convo with 

Yeah. We’re all in this together. And Jeremy is right BTW. That’s super obvious most of the time. But some of the time I still need to hear it.

Most of the time I have SUCH an amazing life and radiate SUCH positive energy. I’m SO creative and work SO hard.

But sometimes it all comes apart, like when I cried in my car for 15 minutes yesterday (as of writing this), seemingly out of nowhere, wondering the whole time why I’m here, if I’m doing anything that matters, if I should just go back to the 9-5 world, etc.

Seems silly in hindsight, but those lows are real. They’re intense, they’re awful… and they’re also the catalyst for growth. Or at least they CAN be.

That’s not some inspirational bullshit. That’s truth.

Hitting those low points, feeling utterly worthless, contemplating whether any of it even matters… that’s exactly what makes me do all of the awesome things that define who I am.

I can’t be incredible AND be comfortable. I can’t have it both ways. So if I must choose… I choose incredibility!

Okay, so what?

So.. this realization is great. The realization that my lows are necessary to make my highs higher. That’s great.

Kind of.

The thing is, this realization in itself is not enough. It’s comforting, but it doesn’t save me from myself. It doesn’t save my lows from destroying all that I accomplish during my highs.

I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve started an email list, built it to 200 subscribers, got insecure, disappeared for 3 months, and then deleted the whole list because I was too scared to face them.

Or how many times I’ve launched a site, got a few paying customers, and then freaked out and shut it down after two weeks because I was too afraid to spread the word about it.

I’m consciously aware that I’m being irrational. I KNOW what I’m doing to myself, I KNOW it’s stupid, I KNOW it’s detrimental, I KNOW how simple the fix is… and yet I can’t bring myself to do anything about it. I just hide in a corner until something snaps me out of it.

If I didn’t have Showuply then last night’s cry session would have turned into two weeks of running and hiding. But I did have Showuply. So I showed up this morning, talked about it, realized that nobody judged me for it, felt better, went to a coffee shop and started working again.

Showuply instantly snapped me out of something that would have otherwise undone months of progress.

Like I said, this is NOT a site for lazy people. Laziness is NOT the reason you procrastinate. It’s NOT the reason you hide. You do these things because you’re scared, whether consciously or not.


EVERYBODY is scared. Only a handful of us are willing to admit it and work through it. And I quite believe that we’re the handful who are going to change the world.

tl;dr Being forced to show up every day means you’ll get stronger from things that would normally derail you.

Umm, coooool…
but what’s the value?

Awesome question.

First, what’s a GOOD hour worth to you? An hour where you’re in the freaking zone. Not one where you check Facebook 12 times.


And then… how many GOOD minutes will you gain each day with accountability, clarity, and feedback on your side?


Annual value.

Suggested annual membership dues are $650. This is a number that’s meant to be uncomfortable. But not TOO uncomfortable. It’s meant to make you uneasy, but it’s not meant to bankrupt you. You know yourself best. This is a “pay what makes sense” community. So… pay what makes sense. Money should never be a reason why you don’t start TODAY.

Questions that I’ll answer before they have a chance to be asked frequently.

Who the hell are you to be running this group?

Hi, my name is Patrick. I’m just another entrepreneur that you’ve never heard of because I’ve never fully shown up. I’ve launched - as best I can count - 19 different websites. I did sell one of them for $75,000, but the rest have been duds. Not because they were bad ideas or because I’m talentless, but because I got insecure and stopped showing up, and because I hid in a corner when things got tough.

(Actually the above is no longer true. You HAVE heard of me now. Because I put myself out there.)

A few months ago I got divorced and it changed my whole world. I used to put up a false front online, never talking about the real stuff because I wasn’t okay admitting that I had real stuff to talk about. Because I saw everyone else online acting like a perfect robot so I figured that’s what I was supposed to do, too. But I just don’t care about that sort of appearance anymore. With this new perspective I have no problem discussing how hard life is, how insecure I can get, how I second-guess myself all the time, how dreadfully alone I can feel sometimes, etc. And in doing so it actually highlights how awesome my life really is, how many advantages I have, how well I’m doing, etc.

I believe that I’m the perfect person to be running this group because I share your struggles, and because I’ve devised ways to overcome those struggles.

I’m a pretty chill dude who smiles a lot and gets along with mostly everybody. But obviously you can’t fully know that, so if you’re worried about who will be handling your money and who will be leading the group - or if you just want to say hi - I’m happy to hop on a video call with you. Contact me and we’ll set something up.

Prefer that the money goes to charity? That may be an option at some point if the community grows large enough. I understand that this is a situation where the members are providing most of the value for each other and I’m not doing a ton more than providing the platform (which I spent LOAADDDSSS of timing researching and developing FWIW) so you may be hesitant for me to pocket all yo' dough. Or maybe that’s just a fear that I have in my head that nobody else would think of. Either way, for now, I’m keeping the money. Because if I don’t then I’ll have to go back to the 9-5 world and this wouldn’t be able to exist.

How does it actually work?

Each morning you’ll show up and write a single update containing:

  1. A win, a brag, or something you’re grateful for.
  2. What you accomplished yesterday (or the last day you worked).
  3. What you plan on accomplishing today.
  4. (optional) Something you’re struggling with or something the community might be able to help you with.

It’ll look a little like this. Yes, I shamelessly picked this one - with Matt’s permission - because it doubles as a testimonial.

Matt Vanderopl using the site


The catch...

Fail to show up and you’ll get fired.

If you worked at a regular company you’d be expected to show up consistently. If you didn’t you’d get fired. Same goes here, but with a bit more flexibility because you didn’t sign up to be an entrepreneur to have less flexibility.

The actual rules are:

  1. You have to show up five days per week (Monday - Sunday), but it doesn’t matter which five days. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re way ahead or way behind your goals… it just matters that you show up.
  2. If you show up fewer than five days in any given week then you’ll be charged one vacation day for each day short that you are.
  3. If you get charged a vacation day that you don’t have… you’re fired. You get kicked out of the group with no refund. And, importantly, you are not eligible to rejoin the group until the entire year has passed. Allowing you to pay your way back in earlier would technically give me an incentive to see you fail. That obviously can’t be the case.

You accrue vacation days over time just like at a typical job. You start with 0 and are given one additional vacation day each 14 calendar days. That’s ~26 vacation days per year. Any time that you fail to show up at least five days in a given week your vacation days are used to cover the balance. If you don’t have any left, you’re fired. You do not need to announce your vacations ahead of time. There is no extra credit for showing up more than five days in a given week. Holidays are treated no differently than other days, so you must use a vacation day if you want to skip a holiday. For y’all math nerds, that means you need to show up a minimum of 234 out of 365 days.

If you’re like me then you’re thinking "noooo, this is way too easy. I want to commit to showing up EVERY DAY for 365 days." Yeah, I hear you. Maybe that’s part of the reason that people like us fail. Maybe we’re too all-or-nothing, no? Maybe it’d be okay to commit to realistic things sometimes 😉

What’s the application process?

It’s pretty informal. I’m not looking for anything in particular in terms of type of person or skillset. I just want to make sure that we share somewhat similar values, that we get along, that you’ll benefit from this community, and that others in the community will benefit from you.

You’ll be asked to answer a few templated questions.

If your responses seem authentic (I don’t care how cool you are) and if I feel like we’re on the same page then I’ll send you an email with a link to schedule a Skype call with me.

Please don’t think of this as an interview. Technically it is, I guess, but I’m not some guy in a suit. In fact, I probably won’t even be wearing pants.

I just want to get to know you for 10 minutes. And I want you to get to know me. And then I want us to BOTH decide (cuz it’s your decision, too, ya know) mutually that it’s a good fit.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Sort of. It’s complicated. Read this whole section twice, maybe.

When you first join the community you’re put on a 90-day probationary period, just like at a real job. I wish it had a different name because I don’t like that name, but whatever.

If AFTER 90 days you feel - or if I feel - FOR ANY REASON that you’re not a good fit for the community then you’ll get a refund.

HOWEVER: you must make it the full 90 days without getting fired (read "How does it actually work" above). If you get fired within the first 90 days then you DO NOT get a refund.

This is a necessary policy to ensure accountability. It’s a policy that requires you to give the community a fair chance. If you do give it a fair chance and still want your money back... I’ve got no problem with that.

This refund must be requested between days 90 and 99. It’s not an ongoing offer. You can’t request it on day 364.

One more caveat. You must declare that you have not gotten your money’s worth in that 90-day period. If you paid $720 to join, and now feel like you no longer need the community because in those 90 days you’ve turned into a productivity monster... then the community has been worth far more than $720 to you, so please don’t request a refund. Does that make sense?

Basically I want to give refunds when they make sense and I don’t want to give them when they don’t make sense. The above rules cover this as well as I can.

The above applies to membership fees. Application fees are non-refundable. I take a lot of time reviewing each candidate, and $25 doesn’t even begin to cover it. It’s just a token that you’re serious.

What about silent meditation retreats?

If you need or want to go offline for a valid, productive reason just contact me. I understand that us high-performer types are drawn to things like 10-day silent meditation retreats, month-long programming binges in the woods, etc. And I’m fully supportive of these things. You just need to clear it with me BEFORE you go if you don’t want to be fired from the community.

Why are you so focused on showing up rather than accomplishing goals?

Because showing up is the remedy for sooooo many of the problems we face as creatives. It’s the cure for creative block and imposter’s syndrome. It’s the thing that hones our skills and gets us past hurdles. It’s what builds the trust of our followers. It’s what lets us see what does and doesn’t work.

You may notice that there are zero penalties on this site for failing to meet your goals. You only get penalized for not showing up. Lots of measurable goals are not fully within our control, and I don’t want people to only ever chase safe goals to avoid penalty. And, especially as a creative, a lot of our early goals tend to be necessarily arbitrary. And we obviously don’t want to stick with an arbitrary goal just to avoid penalty.

Showing up and telling everybody that you failed to meet your goal is penalty enough.

What if this community gets too big and becomes overwhelming?

That’s a long way off. But if it happens... it won’t happen. Either I’ll limit sign-ups, or I’ll split it into multiple communities, or I’ll write some machine learning algorithm to smartly show you the most relevant things, or I’ll figure out some other solution. It’s a worry for down the road, and a worry with plenty of viable solutions.

What if I have more questions?

In their own words.

Tired of hearing me yap? Here’s Founding Member Brian Ball's account of what Showuply is:


Build one of the more important muscles of your life - the muscle of showing up.

It's $650 Pat: or whatever makes sense for you.

Here's how it works.

You visit the site: You're here already.

You decide if being part of a tight-knit community of people committed to professional growth is something you'd benefit from. (hint, the answer is yes)

Maybe you're already part of a group -- and you can just take this concept and be a leader there. You could start your own community using your own guidelines and knit your own group together.

Either way, you think:

Should I join Showuply?

Could it help me?

Would I be willing to show up?

Is it time for me to take on a new challenge and grow?

If you decide yes, you commit and start checking in.

It's not an every day commitment.

Take your weekends off.

Or, take any two days of the week off.

But, show up most most of the time. Like 5 out of 7 days of the time.

And here's where the growth will happen.

You'll check in, and think - That was easy.

Then, you'll look around and notice - Oh, I can do a 7-minute exercise program most days. That'll be easy.

I can encourage somebody in my group. That's doable.

I can watch a video and learn a thing. Yes. I can do that.

Pretty soon, you're a person who went from uncertainty about what and how to live life -- to being a brick mover.

Who shows up, moves bricks, and is content knowing you can move any brick. If you need help. You'll be able to ask for it. You'll know the kinds of people to ask as well. You'll ask other brick movers - with confidence.

When you see somebody struggling with the piles of bricks in their life, you'll have the muscle ready to use.

It could be simple.

Show up. Move one brick at a time. Keep moving bricks.

If a $650 investment seems a lot. It's not. With a single email to a group of people, you can earn that back quickly. But, you need the people. You need to have shown up consistently to do the work that creates clarity and tells the story of them becoming better people.

Are you ready to do work; build some discipline; show up and get what you're here to get?

Here's the guarantee. If you sign up and show up, you won't be the kind of person who can't make a decision. If you are already the kind of person who can make a decision, you'll finish reading this and join or close the page and get on with your day. If you can't decide, you'll start a nasty loop in your head wondering -- what if?

Moving bricks is not hard. Having a pile of bricks to move and not being able to pick one up and start. That's hard.

Brian Ball Brian Ball

This could literally be the most important moment in your creative career. Sounds corny, but stop and think about it for a second. Yeah. 🤯

Let me annoy you.

There’s a part of your brain that thinks this is an awesome idea. And there’s another part of your brain that’s overthinking everything and compiling a long list of reasons why this is the dumbest idea in history. And because of that you’re not going to join. Yeah. I freaking get that.

So at least take the small step of giving me your email address. I could tell you about all the value that my email list provides. But let’s be real. I’m going to annoy you about how awesome Showuply is until you either agree or unsubscribe.