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An overpriced Slack accountability group for perfectionists, procrastinators, “frauds”, and overthinkers who show up and rock it anyway. Share what you’re working on and reap the rewards. Or don’t, and get kicked out with no refund.

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Patrick Gets Emotional

When getting initial feedback for Showuply I quickly noticed a pattern. Almost everybody loved the idea. And almost everybody said some form of “I don’t need this because I’m not lazy.”


I grant that you’re not lazy. Great.

Showuply isn’t FOR lazy people. It’s for people like me (read: every creative in history) who work our asses off but occasionally decide that we’re not good enough.

Perfectionism. Depression. Imposter’s syndrome. Indecisiveness. Lack of clarity. Shyness. It doesn’t really matter WHY you hide. It matters THAT you hide.

I built Showuply for myself. Because I needed it.

Most of the time I have SUCH an amazing life and radiate SUCH positive energy. I’m SO creative and work SO hard.

But sometimes it all comes apart, like when I cried in my car for 15 minutes yesterday (as of writing this), seemingly out of nowhere, wondering the whole time why I’m here, if I’m doing anything that matters, if I should just go back to the 9-5 world, etc.

Seems silly in hindsight, but those lows are real. They’re intense, they’re awful… and they’re also the catalyst for growth. Or at least they CAN be.

That’s not some inspirational bullshit. That’s truth.

Hitting those low points, feeling utterly worthless, contemplating whether any of it even matters… that’s exactly what makes me do all of the awesome things that define who I am.

I can’t be incredible AND be comfortable. I can’t have it both ways. So if I must choose… I choose incredibility!

Okay, so what?

So.. this realization is great. The realization that my lows are necessary to make my highs higher. That’s great.

Kind of.

The thing is, this realization in itself is not enough. It’s comforting, but it doesn’t save me from myself. It doesn’t save my lows from destroying all that I accomplish during my highs.

I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve started an email list, built it to 200 subscribers, got insecure, disappeared for 3 months, and then deleted the whole list because I was too scared to face them.

Or how many times I’ve launched a site, got a few paying customers, and then freaked out and shut it down after two weeks because I was too afraid to spread the word about it.

I’m consciously aware that I’m being irrational. I KNOW what I’m doing to myself, I KNOW it’s stupid, I KNOW it’s detrimental, I KNOW how simple the fix is… and yet I can’t bring myself to do anything about it. I just hide in a corner until something snaps me out of it.

If I didn’t have Showuply then last night’s cry session would have turned into two weeks of running and hiding. But I did have Showuply. So I showed up this morning, talked about it, realized that nobody judged me for it, felt better, went to a coffee shop and started working again.

Showuply instantly snapped me out of something that would have otherwise undone months of progress.

Like I said, this is NOT a site for lazy people. Laziness is NOT the reason you procrastinate. It’s NOT the reason you hide. You do these things because you’re scared, whether consciously or not.


EVERYBODY is scared. Only a handful of us are willing to admit it and work through it. And I quite believe that we’re the handful who are going to change the world.

tl;dr Being forced to show up every day means you’ll get stronger from things that would normally derail you.

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